Jap-chae - $9.95

Stir fried in sesame oil, soy sauce with Dang-myeon noodle made of sweet potato, with spinach, onion, carrot and mushroom. A new taste experience you never had before, Yum… Yum. 

  • May add protein bulgogi beef or chicken ($2.00)

Korean Ramyeon Soup - $6.95

  • Korean Ramyeon is absolutely delicious. Can choose spicy or mild
  • Ramyeon with egg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ add $0.95
  • Ramyeon with Korean Dduk (Korean sliced rice cake) -------------------------- add $1.95
  • Ramyeon with mandu (pork, chicken or vegetable) ------------------------- add $2.95
  • Ramyeon with Dduk mandu (dumpling and Korean sliced rice cake) ---- add $3.95